Performance Jumper Cable (100% Copper)

RM80.00 RM50.00

• No-tangle cable. 100% Copper-plated Clamps
• 6 Gauge 10 Feet POWERFUL performance jumper cables designed for all type of vehicles
• Made by a trusted brand, Raymin
• Designed to work in all weather climates. Perfect for cars, motorcycles, 4×4, vans and SUVs.


Reliable Jump-Starting for High Demand Applications.



Raymin’s sturdy 10 foot/6 Gauge performance jumper cables reliably jump-start high-powered vehicles including cars, motorcycles, 4×4, vans and SUVs.


Insulated clamps work with both top and side mount battery terminals, featuring 100% copper plated teeth for ideal conductivity and high current flow. All Raymin jumper cables feature high quality PVC safety insulation and a flexible copper-clad core for easy operation and tangle-free storage, year after year.



Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm


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