Advance Carbon Cleaner – System Cleaner Decarbonizer


  • Protects the catalytic converter from clogging with soot
  • Cleans intake valves and the combustion chamber
  • Improves the combustion of the fuel
  • Clean engines reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions
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The Advance Carbon Cleaner removes typical contamination and deposits in the combustion system: it cleans valves, piston rings, the exhaust system and the catalytic converter by eliminating carbon residues and scale, which ensures reliable operation and improved performance. It restores the optimal exhaust gases purification and decreases fuel consumption. All of this prolongs the service life of the catalytic converter and the combustion system.

Connect the infusion device with the bottle. Insert the infusion needle into the engine rubble air intake vacuum tube and hang the can upside down to start the infusion. Let the engine run under the stationary condition at 1,500 rpm approximately 30-45 minutes. Use this product outdoors. In case of the exhaust manifold burns red due to the high temperature of the catalytic converter, immediately stop the cleaning process.

Combo Pack

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